Monday, 1 November 2010

All these below images are the work of Aitor Throup, he is one of the the best fashion illustrators. Here is a link to his website where all the below images where taken from - Aitor Throup's Website. I love Throup's style of drawing, its the style that I like to use when doing fine art drawing and it's a style I would like to bring to my Illustrations. I first found Throup during my Foundation year and feel myself coming back to him everytime I get asked to find a designer whos illustration I like.


This is how I would like to see my sketch book pages, the ideas flow so well and the page looks like it has been completed quickly yet doesnt look rushed. This is an area that I need to improve in my own work. I need to loosen up and create more quick drawings that move around the page.

I think this makes an amazing collection page. The layout is great, I love how each figure is in a different hang-like position.
I love this piece as a final deisign.